Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Having played around with some old short stories I have in reserve, thinking that perhaps I could polish them and make a collection with Mania as the main story, I decided against and am re-releasing the book in it's original state.
There's a new cover of course, which I think captures the manic state better that the old one, although the guy is nowhere near as pretty on this version. But trust me - there is nothing pretty about manic depression!
I have set the price at what I think is a reasonable $1.49. Unfortunately, as this falls below Amazon's rather bizarre minimum of $2.99 for non-US publishers, it means I have to go onto a different arrangement with them for this book and get only a pittance in royalty. But setting the price any higher seems wrong, so what the hell. The objective is not to make big bucks out of the book, just to have it out there, because I feel it deserves to be.
It also means I can now draw a line under 2013 with all the boxes ticked. Christmas is only two weeks away and it is time to turn my mind to happier things than mania...


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