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Sorry, but I couldn't resist having another blog about the Busman's Holiday in Brighton. Two in rapid succession! A bit like London buses, or in this case Brighton blogs - you wait forever on one coming and then you get two together.
Anyway, as I said before, I'm still sort of at work but in holiday mode, and that chap there featured recently. His name is Alfie Moore and he's a stand up comedian - a change of career following 18 years as a policeman.
Yeah, I know! I just had to go and catch his show when he played the Brighton Dome Studio a few days ago. I wanted a flavour, all be it a comic one, of the British police. My main character in North to South, Polar North, is a cop. A Glaswegian detective who comes to Brighton to assist in the investigation into the mysterious death of his boss's son. People say you should write about what you know, and a lot of the book calls on what I know: Brighton & Hove as a city; the gay community; Scottish mentality; human emotion; phobias and such like. Oh yeah, and a major theme in the book is sex and violence, which is something Jack Brighton knows a little about, if I say so myself. But I don't really know about the police - or at least I didn't before starting the book - beyond what fiction, TV and movies, and the media had told me. I had a concept, but I didn't actually know any cops to check this against. Rather than base the book on these assumptions of what it would be like to work in a police environment, I did a lot of research, delving into Police procedure manuals and reading various articles. I also got in touch with liaison officers from various sections of the police, including a very helpful officer from the Gay Police Association Scotland who reset some of those assumptions, for which I am very grateful. All this was done over the internet from Gozo where I was living at the time. I still hadn't met, or come face to face with an actual cop.
Busman's holiday then. I had to go see Alfie. He was quite funny and I enjoyed his tales from working in the sex offenders unit. And much to my delight Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp was in the audience a few rows behind me. He's the divisional commander for Brighton & Hove, and that role features quite big in the book. I have it occupied by a woman, but it was nice to actually see the man who's job my fictional character plays. He seemed an all right sort. Not sure what he'd make of my book, though. Would a divisional commander read a book where his/her role is featured? Perhaps he could do it on his day off... Now that really would be a busman's holiday.



Well bugger me backwards and call me Jackie - it would appear that Brighton is changing. The city that is, with an enormous phallus erected on the seafront. Very tasteful!
Having a fortnight break for various reasons, I arrived in my spiritual home on Sunday morning after a horrible night flight. Having managed a couple of hours kip, I wandered down to the seafront to take in the ambience. And what did I see? This great big tower sticking up in the air. Massive it is - almost vulgar in it's height. Apparently it's going the be a circular lift with spectacular views at the top. Cutting design and all that sort of stuff, and very in keeping with the Regency seafront - not. I haven't spoken to anyone who approves as yet, but I quite like the artist impression on the website. Change is good, and I think this will be good - when it's finished that is. At the moment it's an eyesore - just like my bathroom which is being gutted out and revamped for my proper return to Brighton in December - another change that I think will be good.
I'm certainly enjoying the stay so far, despite the bathroom work in progress. It's Comedy Festival Fortnight at present, which means some good shows on offer. A culinary tour of the world is being tackled on my part, testing out some new places and returning to old favourites. We've even had lots of sunshine, although all that changed today with more typical October rain falling. Not all change is good.



PictureI'm supposed to be on holiday, but in a way its turning into a busman's holiday, which I suppose was inevitable coming to Brighton.
Well I'm in Hove Actually - my flat being on the Hove side of the border. And if you want to know why the 'Actually' is capitalised then buy my book (J.K.'s book actually) - North to South! It explains it. Mixed amongst a detective yarn, I explain quite a few things about Brighton & Hove, although not as much as originally intended. A whole chapter was dedicated to Brighton & Hove, with a bit of its history and some little snippets of interest as my main character, Polar North goes for a wander. My proof reader was having none of it, though, and said it was irrelevant to the plot with the pace being lost. After some heated discussion I had to agree and the chapter came out with some tweaks elsewhere to cover for what little was actually relevant.
Anyway, about the busman's holiday. I can't stop looking at the places where scenes were set and wondering if I made some mistake. It's fun though and has added to the holiday. Going to The Gingerman for the first time was great - one of Brighton's best restaurants where I set a big scene but oddly have never been to it. The food was as good as I describe, and it was a pleasure to confirm this despite the hefty bill. Other healthier aspects of my busman's holiday have included walking along the prom, which Polar still has to do in the book, from Kemptown, which is the gay area, to Western Lawns in Hove where the body of his boss's son was found. It goes past these fab little beach huts which are just down from my flat. And yes! The sun was shining on Brighton when I had my seafront walk. It's been very pleasant for most of the time during my late October stay. Doubt if the same will be reported when I return permanently in mid December.


Saturday, 17 October 2015


Dylan Sinclair was never going to be an easy character to find an image for on the net. Given his age when I introduce him - just turned 18 is a dangerous one to play with. So I went safe and chose Mark Dalton - an older model who has the same sort of cheeky, happy go lucky expression, but also has the blond blue eyes and very cute look, who can just about pass for...

The English Public Schoolboy
That's how Dylan is introduced as the first character to appear in The Wild Side. He is an English public schoolboy who has just turned eighteen, and doesn't have much a future, given that he's flunked his exams and has no rich parents to help him out. Thankfully his History teacher has an idea which takes Dylan to The Wild Side to play the role of the naughty English public schoolboy at the club . It is the start of an adventure that is the main storyline of the first three books, most of which we see through Dylan's eyes.
Mark Dalton is pictured here and while being much older, has the sort of facial features I describe for Dylan. He's also a lot more muscular than Dylan is when we first meet him, but that changes as the series progresses.
Dylan is a sweet, but also very naughty, lad - who loves sex and life in general. Things always seem to be going against him, but somehow it all gets sorted out. His youth and relative naivety make him adorable, and an easy target for pranks. And then there is the feel good factor that creeps in when things turn from disaster to a happy conclusion.  



I've added Paddy to the site now. Seth Fornea isn't the perfect image for him, but the best I could come up with. Would like to know of any better ideas...

The Enigmatic Slave - 
That's a term I used early on in the series to describe Paddy McGuire. The enigma is that Paddy is a slave at all. He certainly doesn't act like one, or look like one. But Paddy is the ultimate slave, totally devoted to his master, even though he can take on the role of a master himself, with all the skills and demeanour to carry off the role.
Paddy features right from the outset. He's not the first main character that is met, but he makes his appearance fairly early on in the first book, and alongside Dylan, is the star of the story. This is how Paddy is introduced...

He stood on the stage almost in a trance, seemingly oblivious to his audience of four – a thing of beauty being one way to describe him, although devilishly handsome, unbelievably hunky and magnificently masculine, would fit the bill as well.
“His name is Paddy… Paddy McGuire, an Irishman from Dublin,” Sven whispered, answering one of the many questions that was racing through Dylan’s mind.

So Paddy is Irish, and in his late twenties. I have him with dark ginger hair which could arguably be termed auburn. Having pictured him in my mind, it was difficult to find an image that fitted, but I suppose Seth Fornea come closest, with the hair and the facial stubble, and also the chest hair - hence he gets the main shot. In the back story book, 'The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire' I have Paddy in his early twenties, and he is bodily shaved as part of his slave training. The image on the bottom right fitted the bill and was used on the original book cover. But somehow the image in the centre captures Paddy in spirit if not physically correct. But that's the thing about Paddy - he doesn't fit a mould, and as such can be what you want him to physically be: the ultimate slave that only one man could master; a master himself who gets a slave for a toy; the sexiest beast that ever walked though fiction; and by far and away, Jack Brighton's favourite character.



I've decided to add a section to my website where I give some background on the main characters in the books. It will take time to build up, but I've made a start. Not surprisingly, I kick off with the men from The Wild Side, and there can only be one person who gets top billing. Paddy might get more page space, but there is only one Master of The Wild Side, and this is how I describe him...

Master of The Wild Side - 
That's how I think of Angus MacLeod, and how he is referred to in some of the books.
And quite rightly so. Not only is Angus the owner of the club, he is the ultimate master. Not a traditional master, but the one who commands the most respect.
Whilst he is the main character in the series, Angus is something of a mystery, at the outset. He is featured in the first book, 'Welcome to The Wild Side', but we encounter him at first in voice only, at the end of a telephone line. Then his appearance at the end of the book is speech only. I don't describe him - just leave the reader with the clear impression that this is a man who likes to be in control.
He is referred to in the second book, and we get an impression of him through the eyes of his slaves. But it is only at the end of the third book, 'Made for Auction', that Angus is revealed. And from then onwards, he features more and more, taking the starring role in a number of the books. We find him in the present as a very successful businessman. Owner of The Wild Side and a slave training stable in Kent called Bears Den - named after the suburb in Glasgow where Angus grew up.
So he's Scottish, ruggedly handsome - the young Ted Colunga pictured here being how I envisage him, although I described Angus long before I even saw Ted. I give him no age, although by implication he's in his late thirties. The man is highly sexed, big and hirsute, extremely well endowed, dryly funny, and terrifying when genuinely angry.
I have covered some of Angus's back story through a couple of books - the main one being 'The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire' which is set six years in the past and described when Angus met his favourite slave and The Wild Side came into existence. There is also reference to a shady past in Glasgow in 'The Taming of Gangster Gaz' when a debt of honour has to be repaid to Angus's former mentor. One day I'll tell the full story, or at least fill in a lot more details on Angus. That will be 'The Master of The Wild Side', and not a book that can be taken lightly. It has to be the jewel in The Wild Side crown, as Angus deserves nothing less. 


I have never tried this before, but the nice people at Smashwords, or more specifically Mark Coker, suggest that it's a good strategy, so I'm giving it a go. Having finished my draft of North to South, and thought about things for a day or so, I have decided to put the book out on pre-release. It is now available at Smashwords, and will ripple down to Apple, B&N, Kobo etc in the next few days. Amazon only allow for a 90 day pre-release, so I'll place it there early September.
Now I suppose I'd better polish the book, which doesn't sound too difficult given the three month time frame, but it does add a bit of pressure. According to Smashwords it's not a huge problem if the book isn't ready. They automatically move the release date out until the manuscript is uploaded. If I was a buyer, however, I wouldn't be too impressed with repeated postponements, so I'll make sure it's ready and up to scratch.

As you can see I decided to go with J.K. and the West Pier book cover. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried the pre-release strategy and how it went for them. Any other marketing tips would be much appreciated as well. With three months to play with, I might as well throw everything at it.

Jack / J.K. 


It's been a while since I last blogged, which is bad of me of course. But I've been busy working on a new book, and my head wouldn't allow for much else going on. Anyway, the first draft is now finished and I need to bounce a few things around.
My plan is to do a pre-release of the book, with a release date of 1st December. That gives plenty of time to polish and market. But while there is the ability to change, I need to come up with the pre-release materials, the main thing being the book cover and the blurb.
Oh yes, and the ever so small detail of which name to release the book under.
Now most authors don't have an identity issue, but I have multiple personalities. You just need to look at this web site to see three of them. Of course I'm Jack, but I'm also Fergie when in a softer mood, and Tom when I want to write more in the first person. It's a bit of a mess, but it works for me.

And then there is J.K. Brighton.
He came into existence two years ago when I decided to do some mainstream gay fiction and wrote 'Naked Hero' a two book set comprising 'The Journey Away' and 'The Journey Home'. It didn't seem right to put them out as Jack Brighton as there was no sex whatsoever in the books. So I tweaked the author name to J. K. Brighton, which sort of implies the same person. I think it was the right decision as people familiar with the Jack Brighton stuff would have been confused and probably disappointed in the books, even though they were pretty good and got lots of positive reviews.
Anyway - what's done is done. But now there is a dilemma. Having written the first book 'North to South' in what I plan to be at least a trilogy, I now need to decide what name to release it under. Again there is no sex as such, but there are plenty of sexual undertones and BDSM themes, with an old Jack Brighton character taking the lead role. 

Polar North!
He made an appearance a year and a half ago, when I was actually living in Brighton during early 2014. I wrote 'The Brighton Storm' when there was a huge storm in Brighton, and created the character Polar North, along with his sidekick Tucker. To be honest, it should never have been released as a piece of erotica. It starts off as a mystery/thriller, and it should have carried on that way. I had my J. K. hat on, and in my humble opinion, the opening few chapters are some of the best I've ever written. But instead of sticking with it and doing the much harder task of writing the book properly, I took the easy option, turned back to Jack and threw in a few sex scenes.
Well, as I'm planning to relocate back to Brighton at the end of this year, I decided to revisit Polar North, and write 'The Brighton Storm' properly. But before getting there (it will be book three in the series), I wanted to write Polar's back story. Why is this Scotsman in Brighton? And how did he come to own a BDSM club? So I go back to May 2013 when Polar North comes south to Brighton, from Glasgow where he is a detective in the Scottish Police force. North to South - get it.
Anyway, that's the background to the book. And those are some of the ideas for a book cover. I would appreciate any feedback on them. As you can see, my gut feel is to release them as J.K. Brighton. But should I say to hell with it and put them out as Jack? Life can be a bitch when you have multiple personalities. Jack writes erotica, and pretty strong stuff at that. These are more mainstream. Can anyone please tell me who I should be? Jack or J.K.


(Shit! Is that the answer. Perhaps I need to go see a shrink!)

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, because you probably aren't familiar with the city. The top one shows Brighton's West Pier which features heavily in the book. The second shows Brighton Pier with the fireworks which forms the grand finale. The third is the Royal Pavilion which is Brighton's most iconic building and also features in the book. Personally I think the second one is too busy, and my gut feel is to go with the top one. Once again - I would really appreciate comments and feedback.

Jack / J.K. 


I've kept this one quiet!
Laziness again on the blogging front. It would appear that the last time I made the effort was back in March for St. Patrick's Day. But I've been busy writing, working on this story off and on, and it's pretty much finished with a final read through still to be made then it's over to proof reading. I would imagine it will make an appearance by next week at the latest.

So Reaching for The Wild Side - what's that all about?
Well, it's taking things forward for one thing, unlike with 'An Angel Falls' which filled in a gap. This book follows on from Boot Camp Week, where I introduced a group of new characters. The story takes place a month or so later, and I pick up on how some of the successful Boot Campers are doing. But the star of this tale is another newcomer in the form of a would be master. His name is George and he's a very lucky chap as he's recently scooped the jackpot in the Euro Millions lottery, winning two hundred million of the things, which he's been busy spending. He's got himself a desirable property in London, and a few fast cars to drive around town in. He's got all the trappings of a multi-millionaire, but now he wants something special in the form of well trained slaves.
Enter Angus MacLeod who is in a position to help him. But it's not so easy as it sounds. First George has to learn about being a master, so Angus suggests he goes to Bears Den, where the successful Boot Campers are now being trained, and see things from the other perspective. George will see a lot, and have a heck of a good time. But there is another agenda going on, and another man who gets to play a major part. It's not just George who is 'Reaching for The Wild Side'. 



The retailers seem happy, and 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side' is now available.
It's actually been just over two years since the last new 'Tale from The Wild Side' was released, so this is well overdue. The story picks up on the original 'The Wild Side' book, which has since been integrated into the series and is now titled 'A Walk on The Wild Side'. At the end of that book, Barry Angel agreed to become Ralph Daley's slave. And there a line was drawn. In 'An Angel Falls' I move their story on ten weeks and find that all is now perfect in their world. Through into the equation one Angus MacLeod who has taken a serious liking to them both, with Barry being his realistic target. Not surprisingly, Barry (and Ralph in a way) falls for MacLeod's masterful charms. But it's what happens thereafter that makes the story, as Barry is given a chance to work at The Wild Side in a creative capacity - designing the first set for the new Fantasy Zone at the club.
Hope you enjoy it.



Is there a danger in putting 'Christmas' in a book title? Will it only sell in the run up and then do nothing for the rest of the year?
That doesn't seem to be the case in the one instance that I've done it. 'Christmas at The Wild Side' was originally released in November 2013, going for the obvious seasonal market. And while that was it's peak, as to be expected with a new release at any time of year, it has continued to sell to the same sort of level as the other 'Tales from The Wild Side' books.
So I hope this will be the case with the new version - which I'm pleased to say is now available everywhere, including Amazon who accepted all the remaining books yesterday without a glitch. And this version is different in quite a few ways. The books is in two parts. The first is set at home with Angus and his boys, and here the content is very similar, except for the opening chapter which has been changed to fit in with the overall series. Part two is where the main changes are: extending the book by around 10,000 words; drawing in other characters for continuity, such as Mitch, Harry and Lachlan; and adding new scenes to the interrogation of Lee Baxter. And the ending changes as well, in order to link in to book seven in the series - the original 'Wild Side' which has now been properly integrating.
But more of that later.



Anxious times this morning. The new versions of the 'Tales from The Wild Side' books were uploaded to Amazon yesterday. As yet only two of the nine have gone live - the other seven being still in review. Might be nothing, but it seems a bit odd, so no doubt I'll have to go through the process of proving ownership of my work again. Either that or the content has fallen foul of some new piece of censorship - that would be much worse.
Thankfully one of the two approved is 'Fisting Night at The Wild Side' formally known as 'Fisted!!!'. I always think that given the subject matter, this is the most likely to offend, so getting it through is a major result. Even though a version is already live is no guarantee of it passing again. It also went live with Apple, who can prove just as tricky to get past.
Anyway, 'Fisting Night' is available. The new version isn't so different as the old, so anyone who already has it shouldn't bother about the new version. If you buy via Smashwords, you always get new versions anyway. Not sure about other retailer policies. The writing has been tidied up to a degree, and there is some continuity with the earlier books through Angus MacLeod. That's important now, as the two main characters in this book, Mitch and Harry, will be appearing again - first in the next rewrite in the the series, 'Christmas at The Wild Side'  and then Harry crops again in the new book 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side'.



The nine modified versions of the existing 'Tales from The Wild Side' are now with All Romance.
And quite rightly so. It took me a while to put my books with them, assuming that my stuff would have little appeal, or more likely be rejected by a sight with 'Romance' in its name. But the members clearly like a bit of steamy action where romance doesn't feature all that much.
Of course I put myself down here, and know fine well that while my books are hot (even if I say so myself) and sometimes very hard hearted, like in the Nemesis series - there is also romance.
To be honest the 'Tales from The Wild Side' has quite a lot of romance, although it's hardly soppy. It's there though. And my favourite character, Paddy McGuire, has it on two fronts, even though he'd be loathed to admit it. There is the romance with his master, which gets a story of its own later in the series. But the first three books are arguably the story of his romance with Dylan - or at least that is the case now with the re-written versions. And it reaches its peak, or climax if you will, in 'Made for Auction'.
While for most of the book, Paddy is absent - the story being about Dylan as he trains to be a slave. The big Irishman is always there in a way, shaping Dylan's behaviour, even when he's having sex with someone else, which the dirty little sod does very frequently.
It's one of my favourite books - something that I'm quite proud of. Particularly the ending which is sort of romantic in a 'Wild Side' sort of way.



New versions of the books are now being released - although Angel is still awaiting proof reading. I've loaded the nine new versions onto Smashwords as the first phase. That includes 'Welcome to The Wild Side' which is available for free there.
It also includes 'A Taste of The Wild Side' which is the second book in the series. Based upon 'The Unchained Slave' - the story line is similar but it has been massively changed, with Dylan an already established worker at the club rather than being a new recruit that Paddy and the lads are going to test out.
As well as developing Dylan's relationship with Paddy, the friendship with Sven and Marco is cultivated as well. The book also introduces Mitch Harimoto, who has a chapter to star in, doing some fisting which is his role at the club, setting the scene for 'Fisting Night at The Wild Side' which is now book 4 in the series.



So having completed 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side' which was the missing link in the series , I'm now looking at the relaunch of the entire series. In some cases the book as been changed only slightly - in other cases it has been totally rewritten, and a new name given.
The series now starts with 'Welcome to The Wild Side', which seems appropriate for the first book, where the main characters are introduced. This is heavily based on 'The Spanking Room', but instead of Jarvis, of the original naughty schoolboy who has an induction course at the hands of Paddy McGuire, I have used Dylan Sinclair. It doesn't really make much of a difference to the story - that comes in the second book.
There are a few new things in this version, but the main thing is kicking off the relationship between Dylan and Paddy, which wasn't the case in the original.
The aim will be to make this book free, so anyone who has bought the original and wants to see the changes can do so without any financial hit.



It's been far too long, but after a gap of ten months, I've actually finished the new Jack Brighton book - 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side'. I'm happy with it, but obviously it needs to go through proof reading, so it will be a few more days, perhaps even longer, before it's available.
Currently in proof reading is the rewrite of the book which proceeds this in the 'Tales from The Wild Side' series. That was the original 'The Wild Side' which has now been added to and hopefully improved upon. It will be retitled 'A Walk on The Wild Side'. The actually story line hasn't changed very much, but the writing needed a lot of polishing, and the characters needed a fair bit of tweaking.
'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side' is the follow on book, picking up the story of Ralph Daley and his would be slave, Barry, who is new to the life. The new story is set ten weeks later, and has all the main Wild Side characters involved: Angus MacLeod, and his four slaves, Paddy, Dylan, Sven and Marco. Mr Charles is there as well, getting up to his usual tricks, and we meet at last the two Dutch lads, who are the set designers for the fetish room.



Okay, so my new book is taking much longer than expected, which is no bad thing. But 'An Angel falls to The Wild Side' is progressing well and isn't too far off completion.
And look what I found as inspiration for part of the book. His name is Gannicus, a gladiator played by the actor Dustin Clare, and the star of the Spartacus prequel - Gods of The Arena. I stumbled across this back in January and was somewhat shocked, but in a good way. To be honest the programme was like something I might have written - violence and pornography rolled into one, with plenty of homo-eroticism thrown in. Hardly high art. But who cares when Gannicus has the starring role and flashes plenty of flesh. The guy is seriously hot, and while I don't use him per se in the book, I've managed to include a gladiator. Quite an achievement as they belong to an era two millennia ago.
It's fiction - so why not. And Gannicus is very hot.
Time to get back to him and get the book finished.



So having done my Charlie blog, it's back to business - which means getting back to my Fallen Angel. He's going to be the star of the new Wild Side book, which has a working title of - An Angel Falls to The Wild Side.
I haven't actually written anything yet. It's all in my head and on the rather busy plan document. But the plan has now taken shape, with at least the first half of the book clear in my mind - the scenes, the dialogue, the points I want to reach. I don't like to work on the latter stages of a book too much at this point. I prefer things to evolve rather than have a fixed conclusion. The story should fit around the character rather than mould the character to fit the story. And that is one of the themes in the book - trying to be something you're not, and finding freedom when you finally accept what you're really about: The Angel who falls... And when one falls to The Wild Side, that's a hell of a place to land, especially when it's Big Bad Angus MacLeod who's been patiently waiting on your heavenly body coming to ground.
Time to start writing.



Five years!
That's right. Today is my anniversary. On the 8th of January 2010, I tied the knot in civil partnership.
It was a simple affair at Brighton registry office, conducted by no other than Mr Love.
No kidding! I got hitched by Love. 
How sweet.

We don't normally make a fuss about the date, but this time I thought I'd give something. Apparently for five years it should be wood!
I'm sure Jack Brighton can manage to get wood. It'll be a very sad day when he can't.


First of all, a happy New Year to everyone. It's a bit late, but better that than never

And what will 2015 hold?
Well, I'm hoping to release the new versions in The Wild Side series soon. Most of the work has been done regarding updates. The first two books have been significantly changed - these being based on 'The Spanking Room' and 'The Unchained Slave'. Others have been amended to fit in with the series and its timescale. 'Christmas at The Wild Side' being the other book to have significant changes made. The biggest challenge was the original 'The Wild Side' story. As one of my earliest attempts at writing, it needed a lot of work to polish it. Bigger problem, though, was fitting the storyline into the series. I think I've cracked it, but as a result, feel that an extra book is now needed within the current set of nine tales. The plan is to have it all finished by end of January.
More updates to follow.



So why go back to The Wild Side and revisit the existing books?
Well, for one thing it would be good to tidy up some of the writing - the earlier books in particular are in need of some work. But it's not a major issues - I wouldn't have then out there if it was. The main thing is that the books don't make a proper series at the moment. Each book is fine as a stand alone piece of reading, which is good and something I want to keep. The connections, however, are too loose in some cases, which is due to the history and evolution of the series...

The Wild Side, as shown here using the original book cover, was actually the second book I wrote as Jack Brighton (the first being 007 - A Licence to Bondage). When I wrote it in the autumn of 2009, I had no thoughts whatsoever about any follow up. It was a story about Barry, an inquisitive young lad who meets Ralph, an older dominant man. They spend a weekend together where Ralph introduces Barry to a BDSM master/slave way of life, culminating in a visit to Ralph's favourite night club... The Wild Side. The club is described, but not in huge detail. We meet the manager, Mr Charles, but no one else who features in the later books.
It was a year and a half later that I had the idea to write another, almost unrelated story, featuring two new main characters, Mitch and Harry, but using The Wild Side as the club where much of the action takes place. Mr Charles again appears, and the club owner, Angus McCloud is introduced. This was FISTED!!! and with its release in spring of 2011 - Tales from The Wild Side was technically born.
It was after writing FISTED!!!  that I saw the potential for more books based around this club and started to build a picture. It was only after the book was released, however, that The Wild Side world started to take shape and the central characters came into being. The idea was to introduce a new worker at the club (an English public schoolboy) and see it all through his eyes. But it was more than the club I wanted him to see - it was the whole world of gay BDSM, and for that I needed a couple of helpers and someone special as a sort of romance interest. Enter Angus McCloud's three slaves... Sven, Marco, and Paddy McGuire.
It was here that I got into a bit of a muddle which is something that definitely needs to be revisited. I had so much material with all the ideas I had, that I ended up writing two parallel books. The first released was The Spanking Room, followed shortly by The Untamed Slave. Without proper planning and thinking ahead, I feel that a mistake was made in having two different characters for the schoolboy: Jarvis in The Spanking Room, then moving the time-scale on by three months, I had Jarvis's replacement in The Unchained Slave in the form of an ex-school mate called Dylan.
So by summer 2011 I had four Tales from The Wild Side - each a separate tale, but with some common characters appearing. I also had a gem in Paddy McGuire, who is easily my favourite creations. I wanted more of Paddy (as did quite a few people who read the books), and Dylan's story had only just started. There was scope to develop both.
This is where The Wild Side started to change from being individual tales into a proper series where characters are allowed to develop. It was another year before I went back to The Wild Side, but in 2012, it really took off with Made for Auction moving things significantly along with Dylan and Paddy, followed by The Taming of Gangster Gaz taking them a little further. But the key relationship is not that between Paddy and Dylan - it's between Paddy and Angus. I needed to explain this very complex situation, and to do so I had to go back in time... This became The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire.
That book is by far my largest piece of work, but I still had so much material left over, and ideas that the book generated, that I went on to write Boot Camp Week, using some of the ideas and material to create another sort of stand alone tale, but featuring all the main characters who make brief appearances. Add to that the Christmas book that came out as another stand alone tale, and you have The Tales from The Wild Side: disjointed tales with a mini series in there somewhere, and a major disruption in terms of time. Despite this, the Tales from The Wild Side have proved very popular.
Popularity is great, but I didn't want to become bogged down. I wanted to try some new things - as Jack Brighton, but also attempting a different style as Tom Farrell. The Wild Side was therefore neglected for a while, with only that Christmas book being re-issued under a new and extensive guise since the release of Boot Camp Week in January 2013. But for many months now  I've wanted to revisit it. And in making a start, I came to appreciate how disjointed the existing books are. It might prove annoying to people who have read the existing work, but one of the great things about self-publishing e-books, is that you can go back and make changes, so that new readers can get a different, and hopefully better vision.
So that's what I'm doing. Going back to the start and pulling it all together to make a proper series. The first question, though, given all the above is... where should it start?
Chronologically it should start with 'when Paddy met Angus' in The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire. The first book released was The Wild Side itself, so in theory that has a strong case. But oddly enough I'm putting these two tales near the end of the current set of nine books (book 6 and 8 respectively given the current plan).
In my mind, the start has to be with the English public schoolboy, and seeing the world of The Wild Side through his eyes. Jarvis and Dylan both played the part, but it is Dylan who goes on and whose story is developed, so it has to be Dylan who survives. There needs to be a re-writing of The Spanking Room and The Unchained Slave to accommodate this - with the second of those books being the one which needs infinitely more work. From there onwards the other books will fall into place with only a few minor tweaks to address the time-scales. After that I can tackle some new books to add to the series.



No big surprise, but I'm a massive fan of Dusty. I was a huge fan long before I realised she was a gay icon, and even that piece of news didn't put me off. The woman had pure class... and as for that voice! Then of course there is her legacy of timeless songs, and for me the jewel in her sparkling crown has to be... GOIN' BACK.

I was thinking about it yesterday when walking along the Sanap cliffs to Xlendi. My normal walk on the Ta' Cenc plateau is off limits at present, thanks to Angelina Jolie...

Oh yeah, I didn't mention! That's the problem with irregular bloggers - things gets missed so easily. But yes, Hollywood has come to my little island of Gozo with its thirty thousand inhabitants. Angelina is making a film here, starring her good self and some bloke called Brad who she apparently got married to recently. They have cordoned off an area with armed police protecting it, so that Mgarr ix-Xini bay, which is my favourite summer swimming haunt and a mere mile from where I live, can be used for the film set without any trouble from inquisitive locals. It's being going on for a couple of months with one more month to go. To be honest I would have expected a social visit by now, but sadly Angelina, and even more so Brad, haven't come a calling on this particular author.

Anyway, I digress... This is about Goin' Back. In November I'll be goin' back to Mgarr ix-Xini and hope to find the bay unspoiled by the work of fantasy that is currently being produced there. In the meantime I'm goin' back to somewhere else... to a place in London that is another creation of fantasy. It's called The Wild Side, and after far too long away, I'm goin' back... back to the new and stories yet untold, but first I'm goin' back to sort out the old, to make The Wild Side a legacy that I can be proud of - the jewel in Jack Brighton's tarnished crown.

Oh, I'm also goin' back to blogging, so you'll hear a lot more about this over the coming months as The Wild Side gets relaunched and made into a proper series with continuity and chronology that works, then beyond as the first of the new tales is released. After a spell in the Doldrums having tired of it for a while, my fingers are itching over the keyboard again, so for the remainder of 2014 I'll be goin' back. Then come the New Year I'll be goin' forward with a whole series of new 'Tales from The Wild Side'. I have plenty of ideas, but am always open to more. So suggestions on a postcard, or e-mail if you must, to...



The second in the Bennie and the Bears series is now finished and available. I found it interesting to move straight on to this book after the first one, having the characters clear in my head and then taking each one forward, developing them in what I hope is a realistic manner.

It is set only one day forward, but so much happened on that first day in 'The Rugby' cub, and the three characters are all deeply effected by the events, so there is a lot to cover in 'taking stock' sort of stuff, which I had to do for each one, figuring how they would now see things and how they would act going forward.

My proof reader said he found it raunchier than most of my other stuff because it was more real, even though there isn't excessive violence to the sex. I've tried to tackle it from how a 'normal' bunch of guys might go about things rather than the larger than life Angus McCloud and Paddy McGuire approach, fun as that is.

Book three 'A Cub in the Dark' is now well underway, although as there is a small break of a week in the action before this one takes place, I did take a break from Bennie and the Bears as well. That's a different story and will be blogged very soon.