Saturday, 14 December 2013

I had an interesting night out... and it was one that made me think I'm a little out of touch...
The production I went to see was amusing. 'Oedipus in Boots' it was called. A rather whimsical take on the classic Oedipus tale where the tragic 'mothafucka' son is a cat. 'Puss in Boots' - get it! I thought it was funny - my partner thought it was amateurish crap. You can't please them all I suppose, which is something I've learned lately.
Anyway, as we were out and about, a visit to an old haunt seemed like a good idea. 'Doctor Brighton' is a bar just off the seafront and it used to be my favourite when I lived in Brighton before. With kicking music, a hunky bar manager who flashed plenty of flesh, and a real energy to the place - it was the perfect spot to meet up with friends and make some new ones before hitting the clubs. It even gets a mention in 'Burning Fire', such was my affinity. Sadly it has changed dramatically - all a bit tame was the impression I got, with disappointing bar staff and clientele that could hardly be described as hard core.. But that's fine - it's only right that things change.
One other change I noted was the number of beards on display - only on the men I'm glad to say. Now I have no objections to a bit of facial stubble - it looks good on the right type of man - the gentleman above being a fine example. But seeing so many beards in what is still arguably a gay bar - to be honest I found it a bit creepy. It reminded me of days thankfully long passed when moustaches and leather jackets were heavily in vogue - the uniform of 'clones'.
So is this the new clone look? Has someone decided that to be manly you now need to have a beard. I hope and pray not! The odd beard here and there is great - a bit of variety, and suggestively butch. But when everyone is sporting one, for me at least the attraction disappears. Everyone starts to look the same - clones revisited. Dear oh dear!


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