Sunday, 3 November 2013


Don't you just love Ben Cohen!
He's a man of many talents. Even if you are not British and know about Ben, you can see one of them straight away - he looks stunning.
I'm a big fan. Not only does he look gorgeous, he plays a mean game of rugby, capped 57 times for England and part of their Wold Cup winning side. (Yes I did support them and was delighted they won - it's a myth that all Scots are Anglophobes)
Anyway, apart from his physical and sporting prowess, Ben is currently demonstrating to the nation that he can dance - the brightest star of Strictly by far, even if some of the women are technically better. And of course he is an established gay icon - married with kids but very supportive, happy to appear shirtless on the cover of gay magazines. He even donated a signed jockstrap which was sold at auction, the proceeds going to a gay health awareness foundation. On top of that there is The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation which targets the horror of bullying. As I say, a man of many talents, partially deaf as well I understand, so not someone who lets his disability get in the way of achieving admirable goals. An all round great bloke and superb role model.
And what has any of this to do with Jack Brighton, other than me having some self-indulgent hero worship? Well, I'm a man of many talents as well, or need to be in my work life. Being a self publishing author involves a lot more that writing. That was certainly hammered home yesterday when the first books were loaded onto All Romance eBooks! It's a demanding process and will take many days to complete. Fortunately I have all the material needed, but things like book covers need to be reformatted to suit ARe's requirements, so it's not that straight forward. Even more fortunately I have a partner who is happy to help out, so he is doing the brunt of the work. Which means that today I might get to do some writing.
Of course things like that always come at a price, so no doubt I'll have to reward him in some creative way later on. As I say - I'm a man of many talents, and I'm sure I'll rise to the occasion.


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