Thursday, 7 November 2013


Recognise the little fellas?
Actually they form only a very small component of what this blog is about, but the most important part - the whole point of the stuff.
 In recent research for my latest book, it's not sperm, but the semen it is delivered in, had featured big time. Having a degree in Biology, and some acclaim as a writer of gay erotica, I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about semen (or spunk as I prefer to call it). But life is full of surprises.
In the Alpha Male blogs I've been flicking through to help me get into the mind set of these men, I have learned of the importance of semen. It is the means by which these 'superior beings' propagate the type, and as such it must be revered - never wasted - it is far too precious. With this in mind, apparently some Alpha Males have a hierarchy of where this precious fluid should be deposited. I'm going to use this in my book, and have naturally paraphrased what I found. Here is an extract from the draft which I personally think is hilarious, followed by my own slant on the list...

And then there was the thing about revering Alpha spunk. Some of the postings were quite comical, quoting hierarchies of where best to put it, or how it should be used. Here’s the order that one Alpha gave...

 1 – In some weak cuckold’s wife, preferably with him watching as you breed her. It is the Alpha Male’s duty to impregnate at will.
2 – In your own wife or girlfriend’s pussy.
3 – In your wife of girlfriend’s mouth.
4 – In your own mouth. That’s right! It should never be wasted and it helps to grow serious muscle.
5 – In food you eat. Again, don’t waste the protein.
6 – On jockstraps or other items for sale or auction.
7 – Then as a last resort, your lowly faggot’s mouth as the ultimate reward for subservience.

Thankfully Gus didn’t subscribe to all that crap. From the sound of things, the Alpha
Sparky dumped most of his baby batter into Rory’s ass at the moment – a place
that didn’t even merit a mention in the list. I told you I had to take all this
with a large pinch of salt!


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