Saturday, 2 November 2013


I have a new outlet for my work!
All Romance eBooks - or ARe for short.
I have to say I was aware of them for some time but didn't think the Firm Hand Books catalogue would be suitable. But on looking at their site again at the suggestion of a friend, I changed my mind and am delighted to say they have accepted my application.
So a busy day ahead uploading material.
It will be interesting to see how the relationship works out. I hope it's a success and that ARe survive in an aggressive market. Sadly two of my outlets have closed over the past year or so - eErotica last year and now Rainbow Books is winding down. I know others are finding it difficult which is such a shame, but the competition from the big players is tough. ARe have been around for some time though, and romance is such a popular genre, so hopefully they can survive as a specialist niche player, and help me to survive as a niche writer.
Good luck to us both.


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