Friday, 8 November 2013

I had cause this morning to remember my back, and very pleasant it was as well. But why have I neglected it for so long, or more precisely - allowed it to be neglected. Just because it's back there and out of my sight doesn't mean I should forget about it.
It's easy to happen though. And I'm guilty of this neglect in both my private and writing life. The back features plenty of times in my books, but it is usually getting whipped, not worshiped. I always focus on other body parts for that. Perhaps it's because it has no obvious focal point. The rest of the body has things to zoom in on, and I'm sure I don't need to make a list of the erogenous parts of male anatomy to illustrate the point. The poor back is a blank canvas with no such obvious highlights, although that in itself makes it a thing of beauty. Think of the desert or the artic snow - they have a beauty in their uniformity, and a man's back can be such a pleasing thing to the eye. If time is taken, and it shouldn't be rushed, there can be so much pleasure applied to the back. The kiss of the whip is one aspect, but the lips can be used as well - although admittedly it might not make such good reading. Whatever - life isn't always a book, and it isn't always wham bang, over in a minutes. Worshipping the back can go on and on, hours of fun without risk of a pre-mature ending.
So those who worship and those who command - remember the back.
I certainly intend to!
The back is back.


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