Thursday, 14 November 2013


Cute isn't he!
Well I think so. His name is Chad Wick apparently. What he's doing in a pool with clothes partly on I have no idea, but it makes for an interesting image, and I certainly wouldn't mind if he was in my pool at the moment with that 'Come Fuck Me' expression on his face.
Not a good idea though. For one thing there is a thunder storm going on, and it's pretty cold - the pool is a mess and the water is very chilly. Poor Chad would freeze to death. It would also be another huge distraction and I've got enough of those at the moment. I'm getting excited about returning to Brighton and plans have to be made. The cat hates the weather and is constantly bugging me, practically sitting on the keyboard so he can get some attention. Yesterday we had workmen here, sorting out solar stuff for the roof. They made a huge racket, and one of them was rather hunky, so another bloody distraction. With a clear date in mind, travelling in two weeks time, I need to finish The Alpha Sparky before I go, because Brighton will be a massive distraction and Christmas is round the corner. So enough distractions, it's time to knuckle down. Be gone Chad Wick and your sexy chest. And bugger off Danny (that's the cat). I need to work! The book is getting longer and longer, and I still have a lot more to write. But given the weather... Wow, that lightening flash was close! ...Given the weather, there's not much else to do.... As long as there are no more distractions like gorgeous men in my pool.


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