Monday, 25 November 2013

That's my Sparky there - the original muse, although I have him a bit beefier in the book. With an odd week ahead and lots to do getting ready for my return to Brighton, I'll find some time to try him out on the book cover. I like the current one though, so may still opt for that. I'll create another and compare - it's always fun playing around with a man like that!
A bigger decision is when to release the book. Obviously with my last release - 'Christmas at The Wild Side' I wanted the book out well in time for Christmas, but with this one I need to think carefully about whether to wait until early next year. My concern is that by the time it is actually ready, it will be getting too close to Christmas itself. 
But is that wrong?
I'm assuming that effort to promote the book around Christmas would be wasted - that there is too much else going on and that the book will fall by the wayside. But maybe not. One of the smaller retailers I deal with told me that Christmas is a slow period for them and things pick up after New Year, so that would suggest it is better to wait. Not easy for me to do that though. I have invested so much effort lately into 'The Alpha Sparky', and it is an unusual piece for me, I want to see the reaction. But I know I have to wait at least a week, so why not a month?
 Will think about it, and do some research. Suggestions always welcome.... about timing, about the sparky cover, about any darn thing.


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