Monday, 11 November 2013

I didn't realise until yesterday when the topic cropped up, but I obviously have a thing for young men!
Okay, so I'm probably not alone. But oddly enough it's not the obvious thing... I'm much more attracted to the more mature butch types - Paddy McGuire being my idea of the perfect man, not his cute toy Dylan Sinclair. But I do write about young men quite a lot, and was shocked when I did a quick run through the Tom Farrell books, that almost all are written from the perspective of the young lad in the story. The only exception being 'Beware Macduff' which is seen through the eyes of a revenging father.
Of course I'm at it again with 'The Sparky Alpha'. I'm writing it in the first person, and the narrator is an eighteen year old lad. And it's not just a feature of Tom Farrell - it's pretty much the same with Fergie Boy books - most are narrated by a teenager. It is only when I write as Jack Brighton that I grow up a bit and see life through more mature eyes.
So do I need to see a shrink? Am I trying to relive my youth and be a teenager again. Is that what it's all about? Or do I think that's what the public want - to relive their youth - and I feed it to them.
It's one to think about.
Doing a blog can be scary at times - you drag up all sorts of stuff that might be best left in a box. Oh well. Not to worry. There must be worse things in life than wanting to be eighteen again, if that's what's going on.


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