Saturday, 23 November 2013


It's not that I've been lazy over the past couple of days by not posting a blog - I just needed to keep focus and get my book finished. Blogging can be taxing, especially if nothing springs immediately to mind, and it can eat into the productive writing time for me. Fine when the work isn't too taxing, but I was struggling to end the book and needed every little grey cell focused on that.
But it's done!
I'll go over the last half again today, give it a final read through, but I'm pretty happy with it as it stands.
So now the final touches need to be applied - proof reading, and putting the blurb together.
I'm still not certain about the title: 'two fags for Gus... The Alpha Sparky' Personally I really like it, but it might not sell itself, so it may get cut to a simpler: 'The Alpha Sparky'
The book cover needs to be looked at as well. There has been positive feedback on the existing version so I might run with it. Problem is that the guy on the cover is not my muse for Gus. Some playing around over the next few days is needed.
Anyway, I have achieved the objective of getting this sorted before returning to the UK next week, so can relax a little, and blog some more.


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