Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Blow Too Far

Okay, so I am approaching the big punishment scene in 'The Wild Side of Christmas' and am dreaming up some wild ideas about what will happen to the man. He's a bit of a hunk like the one over there, a rugby player who can handle some pain - he's also a virgin to the whip on his back and to a cock up his ass, so there is plenty of scope with the blank canvas he offers... But how far can I go?
It never bothered me in the early days. I did what I wanted, be it concensual or not, but now I have to be more careful.
If I want to get published on some of the big sites then I have to comply with their views on what is acceptable or not . Sadly this is never clearly stated 'Nothing offensive' being the biggest player's rather wooly offering as a guideline. In other words - what we deem appropriate given the climate at the time, or what pressure we might be under from interested parties who think it is their right to enforce a moral code on others.
I don't approve, but what am I in comparison to big business - those powerful banks who we all know are as pure as the driven slush. They make the rules and I have to adhere to them or find that my work gets removed from mass market. If I want to survive financially as a writer in my genre then I have no option. There will be no blood, no taking in rape, although I have managed to get such books through in the past, but they usually get removed eventually and have to be resubmitted with a bit of toning down. So don't be too harsh on me if I'm not harsh enough. Instead write to your bank and tell them to mind thier own business or you'll take your business elsewhere.


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