Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Things We Do For Our Art

Another boring Saturday night in! I really should get a life. Instead of going out clubbing - which I did regularly until quite recently, thank you very much - I spent much of the evening doing some research for my latest book.
Sad or what!
Well, not quite!
The next chapter to be tackled involves a caning scene. Growing up in Scotland where it was the tawse that was used in schools as a means of corporal punishment, I never encountered the cane - so it seemed only right to try it out. And as the scene is seen through the eyes of the caner, not the receiver of the strokes, I needed a willing helper. Thankfully my partner stepped up to the mark, dressed for the part - took the strokes, six of the best, then the dirty dog asked for more. And by God he got plenty, and not just from the cane.
The things we do for our art!
But you can't say I'm anything but thorough!


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