Thursday, 17 October 2013


I had cause to ponder the subject of obsession this morning. I do another blog, wearing another hat - well I'm a Gemini you see, so split-personality comes with the territory. Anyway, the topic of the blog was obsession, and I dealt with it there by referring to the character in the book I'm blogging about. Easy stuff - writing about someone else. But of course he is my character, and in a way that makes him me...
So am I obsessive? Well, I'm writing these blogs every morning, so I guess I must be. Why else would I be sitting here spilling out all this stuff?
Oh, and here's another angle... I was asked yesterday for a rough number - How many books are in the various collections. A quick tally came to over 60! More than 60 freakin' books in the space of a few years! Am I obsessive? Well Duh!
I'm going for a walk and to re-appraise my life... and then I'll be back to work on the next book. I love what I do, so I don't give a toss. If I wasn't obsessive then I wouldn't be...


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