Saturday, 19 October 2013

A New Dawn

It is shortly after six in the morning and I've been up and about for almost an hour. I can hear a cockrel in the distance doing it's thing, so a new dawn will be with us soon.
Perhaps you can guess that this morning's blog hasn't come as a natural flow - I'm not sure what to write, but then it's not just with the blog that I'm asking that question. My Christmas book is finished, so what do I tackle next? I thought I was sure - there was a plan in place. But recent events have given me cause to question my priorites going forward.
First a piece of good news (beyond finishing a book which is always good). God's Mighty Spear has been restored to a certain retailer's ebookshelf. A toning down of the description appears to have
pacified. Thank you for all the messages of support, and comments regarding similar problems. It's always nice to know you are not alone with such things.
But the backdrop hasn't changed. There is still much anxiety over what might happen to my erotica catalogues, and that is one of the factors that have given me cause to reassess a strategy going forward. It should be safe enough to continue as planned. My intension was to do another Wild Side
book - 'Trouble at The Wild Side', and they tend to be quite light without obvious traps to fall foul of. I also thought about another short story collection by Tom Farrell - go into first person for something much lighter, and that would be safe as well.
Listen to the wording though... SAFE! Is it right to have to worry about safety so much? My characters in the books don't wear a condom - but am I being conditioned to put a rubber round my work so it doesn't infect the pure minds out there - people who profess that what I write is disgusting and ought to be banned - people who apparently don't want to read it yet somehow know it well? It's tricky! You see, I don't write purely for fun. This is my job as well as my passion, and my job has to pay. I've spend much of this year working on marketing so that I have a good platform to move forward, but l fear that despite all the efforts, I could loose everything at the snap of some moralistic fingers.
There is an alternative that was never in the plan until very recently. I'm J.K. as well as Jack - a little side line that I do in the field of gay romance (yes, that's right - I can actually string two paragraphs together without someone having filthy sex)... J.K. is safe. And oddly enough, the recent, and only, books that were released seem to be doing quite well.
It's Sunday - supposedly a day of rest. That's why most people are still in bed having a lie-in whilst I'm at my keyboard dumping down thoughts. So I'll take a rest and enjoy the new dawn... and then decide what to do.


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