Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Passive Master

My mind is always churning, thinking of new ideas for scenes or for books. Over the weekend I came up with an interesting one... Shake up The Wild Side with an alien concept - introduce 'The Passive Master'.
We live in a world where ignorance and bigotry still abound. As an author of gay BDSM books, I like to think I have an open mind. But are the characters I create bigoted in their own way? What would the members of The Wild Side have to say if someone in their rank was to put up his hand and admit 'I love to get screwed on the quiet!'
It's a sort of unspoken rule that the masters do the fucking. Certainly at the club I have never writen a scene where the stereotypical roles are reversed. I did it in 'The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire' where Paddy as a trianee slave screws one of the masters, and was encouraged to do so. But that was a one off - a rarity for the master who normally tops and thoroughly enjoys doing so. Paddy of course gets fucked as well by Angus despite being a natural top. But how about having a man like the one pictured, who looks like a top, and knows how to dominate, but has a strong preference for getting fucked. If he has wealth and power, why not buy a harem of horny top slaves, sexy butch men who fuck his brains out, but only on their master's terms. It is he who is always in control!
I think he would be a great character - and then I took the idea further. Angus McCloud loves to fuck butch men - Paddy being the prime example. What a thrill it would be for him to screw a master! And on the flip side - getting screwed by your property is all very well, but for the Passive Master, the allure of another master pounding away at him would be a huge attraction. But who would be in control? That would be the fun part - the battle for dominance and a challenge to the proscribed notion of who is the dominant one during sex. Of course with Angus involved it would be a no-brainer, but maybe some of the other masters at the club would find it a power struggle where only in terms of where his cock was did he actually come out on top!
Add it to the growing plan for 2014. I think it could be an interesting project!


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