Friday, 11 October 2013

Alpha Males and fags

I mentioned recently that I had started using Tumblr as a means to advertise my work. Not surprisingly, I've been sniffing around a few other sites, and one theme that has caught my attention is that of the Alpha Males.
There are quite a few blogs I've come across, drawn there initially by some very raunchy pictures that are posted. But the interest for me is more about the little snippets that some of these bloggers add to the pictures they post. Have a look at this one - it's pretty tame compared to a lot of the material, but the message is the main theme that runs through them all. Alpha males are superoir beings and fags are inferior, there only to worship and be of service.
Now I know I write along similar lines - masters and slaves etc, but I usually have a different backdrop - there is respect, nurture, and dare I say it, love, in the majority of relationships in my books. The Wild Side series being the prime example - Angus and his slaves are a family, a cohesive unit that is carefully managed.
But I'm not entirely innocent. There are some different cases!
The Nemesis series is close to the Alpha Male/Fag mentality, at least in the first two books, although I do revert at the end. And 'Loaded' is a certain fit - it scares me how I came up with the character Toni without having refernce to these 'straight' Alpha Males before, so he was obviously in my head - part of my psyche.
So, do I subscribe to the philosophy, or at least sympathise with it? I'm not really sure. One part of me says I should be appalled by men who profess to be straight, yet use gay men for convenient sex. It is SO politically incorrect. I'm sure much of what is being blogged is pure fantasy. I struggle to see why genuine straight men would spend endless hours posting pictures of horny looking Alpha Males like the one above. But maybe I'm wrong. Best to keep an open mind. I know that there are guys out there who do get off on being treated like shit, and I suppose the ultimate rush for some is to be fucked by a 'straight guy' who is a glorious specimen and ultra dominant. I write this sort of stuff, and people buy it. The Nemesis series sells more copies than The Wild Side books, so that must say something.
I've drawn a line under the Nemesis trilogy, but in Loaded there was an opening to continue the story. Perhaps that's should be added to the plan for 2014 - explore the Alpha Male/Fag scenario further, and in doing so explore myself... For don't think for one second that I'm not there in some form or another in every book that I write.


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