Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A New Toy

I am now using Tumblr!
Admittedly I have been accessing various Tumblr blogs for some time now. It's a great resource of material for images which I might use as part of a book cover, and also for giving me ideas, or adding detail to scenes.
But now I am doing my own blog on it, entitled Jack's Inspiration. I got the idea when working a few days ago on my latest book 'The Wild Side to Christmas'. I was wondering what I should have Paddy McGuire wearing and having spotted this picture on Tumblr, I though, yes, he'd look great in those jeans, filling them out even better, which is quite an achievement, but then it's fiction after all! So from there I decided to make a project and blog a whole varioety of images which have insprired me, and give a small extract of the writing that ensued. Another avenue of expression, or a toy to play with... Well I do like my toys!

You can check it out on - but be warned!!! Some of the material is pretty raunchy. But then what else would you expect - kittens with ribbons?


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