Friday, 18 October 2013


Stomach churning moment this morning. I got one of those dreaded e-mails. If you're not a writer in my genre then you may never have received one, so let me show you how they start:
During our review, we found that the following book(s) is in violation of our content guidelines (see list below for details):

Thankfully the list was brief - only one book - God's Mighty Spear, with the note - 'Description, Title, Cover Image' beside it.

So what's the problem? Are all three suddenly wrong after two years on the site, or is it the combination that has tripped a wire? The book is a tongue in cheek ridiculing of the Spanish Inquisition? Should we be banning Monty Python from TV, because they did the same in their famous sketch? Or would it be better to ban a different modern day inquisition - a witch hunt wrapped up in noble minded bollocks that stinks to the high heavens?
I changed the description, and resubmitted. I was pleased to see that the option was there to do this, which wasn't the case in the past. I can appreciate that some of the words used might be seen as blasphemous, and hope that the revised description will do. I doubt it, but we'll see. In the meantime, if you are interested in the book, it is still available in all formats at Smashwords, and in specific formats at other vendors.


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