Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Wild Side

If the blog is entitled 'Thoughts from The Wild Side' then I suppose it would be a good idea to get in there early with the club that has featured in so many of my books.'The Wild Side' was actually the second book I wrote under the name Jack Brighton, and that's the original book cover.
Whilst most of the story is about the relationship between two men, The Wild Side club plays a significant part as it is at the club a critical moment is reached between the two main characters - Ralph who is a dom and a member of the club, and Barry who is spending the weekend with him learning what it's like to be a sub.
I have never used these two characters since, but yesterday wrote a short scene where they appear again, and I think there is scope to involve them more - we'll see.
Whilst the actual club went on to feature in many other books and became the centrepiece for much of the action, there was only one character who was lifted from the original book - Mr. Charles, the manager. He appears in several other books but has never been a star, something which I know I need to amend as he is a very popular character whose story deserves to be told. A project for 2014 perhaps.
Of course the main characters who did emerge are the club's owner, Angus McCloud and his entourage of slaves: Paddy, Dylan, Sven and Marco. Paddy has had a book dedicated to himself where I go back five years and tell his story. Dylan has been the star of two books. Sven and Marco we learn about through snippets so perhaps they deserve more of a focus. The next book in planning 'Trouble at The Wild Side' will certainly give Marco more of a voice.
The big one is Angus of course. I've developed him slowly and hinted at his background, especially in 'The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire' but have never told his own story. That would be a massive project. I have it in my head but it would take a long time to write, so I need to pick the right time. It would take him from his teens to when he meets Paddy, and might have to be done over three volumes. Let me know if it's something I should be moving up the planning list, or should Mr. Charles get his say first.

Thanks to those who have commented or made contact. As always with a blog, you hope people are finding it and reading what is said, but only through feedback do you actually know. It makes it worthwhile, and it helps me as well, so keep the comments coming.


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