Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A New Website

My thanks to Rain Carrington and Claire Morgan, who quite by chance brought me to Weebly where I am now building a web site. I'd looked at such things before but they were always too complicated and time consuming. I'm a writer not an IT whizz kid. This is fairly simple once you get the hang of it, and I think I'm doing okay. It comes with this blog which I'm going to make a huge effort to put something on with modest regularity. Poke me if I get lazy. Scream at me if I get boring.Anyway, it's always good to start off with a hunk, and this is my muse of the moment. I'm assuming that's New York with all the yellow cabs surrounding him, but you can bet your bottom dollar, pound or Euro, that he's going to crop up in London quite soon. Once I've finished 'The Wild Side of Christmas' re-write, the next book in planning is provisionally entitled 'Trouble at The Wild Side' and this guy looks like trouble to me!
You don't agree? Well picture this...
There will be trouble in the book on multiple levels. Each and every one of Angus's slaves are going to be facing their own particular problem, and this guy is going to be Paddy McGuire's. A slave swap is occuring and Paddy will be sent to choose a temporary replacement for Sven who will be seperated from Marco for the first time in years. Does Paddy pick the one he wants for himself, or the man that he knows Angus would want... a man that could be a rival for his master's affection? If you've read any books where Paddy appears then you probably know the answer.


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