Saturday, 17 October 2015


No big surprise, but I'm a massive fan of Dusty. I was a huge fan long before I realised she was a gay icon, and even that piece of news didn't put me off. The woman had pure class... and as for that voice! Then of course there is her legacy of timeless songs, and for me the jewel in her sparkling crown has to be... GOIN' BACK.

I was thinking about it yesterday when walking along the Sanap cliffs to Xlendi. My normal walk on the Ta' Cenc plateau is off limits at present, thanks to Angelina Jolie...

Oh yeah, I didn't mention! That's the problem with irregular bloggers - things gets missed so easily. But yes, Hollywood has come to my little island of Gozo with its thirty thousand inhabitants. Angelina is making a film here, starring her good self and some bloke called Brad who she apparently got married to recently. They have cordoned off an area with armed police protecting it, so that Mgarr ix-Xini bay, which is my favourite summer swimming haunt and a mere mile from where I live, can be used for the film set without any trouble from inquisitive locals. It's being going on for a couple of months with one more month to go. To be honest I would have expected a social visit by now, but sadly Angelina, and even more so Brad, haven't come a calling on this particular author.

Anyway, I digress... This is about Goin' Back. In November I'll be goin' back to Mgarr ix-Xini and hope to find the bay unspoiled by the work of fantasy that is currently being produced there. In the meantime I'm goin' back to somewhere else... to a place in London that is another creation of fantasy. It's called The Wild Side, and after far too long away, I'm goin' back... back to the new and stories yet untold, but first I'm goin' back to sort out the old, to make The Wild Side a legacy that I can be proud of - the jewel in Jack Brighton's tarnished crown.

Oh, I'm also goin' back to blogging, so you'll hear a lot more about this over the coming months as The Wild Side gets relaunched and made into a proper series with continuity and chronology that works, then beyond as the first of the new tales is released. After a spell in the Doldrums having tired of it for a while, my fingers are itching over the keyboard again, so for the remainder of 2014 I'll be goin' back. Then come the New Year I'll be goin' forward with a whole series of new 'Tales from The Wild Side'. I have plenty of ideas, but am always open to more. So suggestions on a postcard, or e-mail if you must, to...


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