Saturday, 17 October 2015


I've kept this one quiet!
Laziness again on the blogging front. It would appear that the last time I made the effort was back in March for St. Patrick's Day. But I've been busy writing, working on this story off and on, and it's pretty much finished with a final read through still to be made then it's over to proof reading. I would imagine it will make an appearance by next week at the latest.

So Reaching for The Wild Side - what's that all about?
Well, it's taking things forward for one thing, unlike with 'An Angel Falls' which filled in a gap. This book follows on from Boot Camp Week, where I introduced a group of new characters. The story takes place a month or so later, and I pick up on how some of the successful Boot Campers are doing. But the star of this tale is another newcomer in the form of a would be master. His name is George and he's a very lucky chap as he's recently scooped the jackpot in the Euro Millions lottery, winning two hundred million of the things, which he's been busy spending. He's got himself a desirable property in London, and a few fast cars to drive around town in. He's got all the trappings of a multi-millionaire, but now he wants something special in the form of well trained slaves.
Enter Angus MacLeod who is in a position to help him. But it's not so easy as it sounds. First George has to learn about being a master, so Angus suggests he goes to Bears Den, where the successful Boot Campers are now being trained, and see things from the other perspective. George will see a lot, and have a heck of a good time. But there is another agenda going on, and another man who gets to play a major part. It's not just George who is 'Reaching for The Wild Side'. 


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