Saturday, 17 October 2015


New versions of the books are now being released - although Angel is still awaiting proof reading. I've loaded the nine new versions onto Smashwords as the first phase. That includes 'Welcome to The Wild Side' which is available for free there.
It also includes 'A Taste of The Wild Side' which is the second book in the series. Based upon 'The Unchained Slave' - the story line is similar but it has been massively changed, with Dylan an already established worker at the club rather than being a new recruit that Paddy and the lads are going to test out.
As well as developing Dylan's relationship with Paddy, the friendship with Sven and Marco is cultivated as well. The book also introduces Mitch Harimoto, who has a chapter to star in, doing some fisting which is his role at the club, setting the scene for 'Fisting Night at The Wild Side' which is now book 4 in the series.


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