Saturday, 17 October 2015


Dylan Sinclair was never going to be an easy character to find an image for on the net. Given his age when I introduce him - just turned 18 is a dangerous one to play with. So I went safe and chose Mark Dalton - an older model who has the same sort of cheeky, happy go lucky expression, but also has the blond blue eyes and very cute look, who can just about pass for...

The English Public Schoolboy
That's how Dylan is introduced as the first character to appear in The Wild Side. He is an English public schoolboy who has just turned eighteen, and doesn't have much a future, given that he's flunked his exams and has no rich parents to help him out. Thankfully his History teacher has an idea which takes Dylan to The Wild Side to play the role of the naughty English public schoolboy at the club . It is the start of an adventure that is the main storyline of the first three books, most of which we see through Dylan's eyes.
Mark Dalton is pictured here and while being much older, has the sort of facial features I describe for Dylan. He's also a lot more muscular than Dylan is when we first meet him, but that changes as the series progresses.
Dylan is a sweet, but also very naughty, lad - who loves sex and life in general. Things always seem to be going against him, but somehow it all gets sorted out. His youth and relative naivety make him adorable, and an easy target for pranks. And then there is the feel good factor that creeps in when things turn from disaster to a happy conclusion.  


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