Saturday, 17 October 2015


I have never tried this before, but the nice people at Smashwords, or more specifically Mark Coker, suggest that it's a good strategy, so I'm giving it a go. Having finished my draft of North to South, and thought about things for a day or so, I have decided to put the book out on pre-release. It is now available at Smashwords, and will ripple down to Apple, B&N, Kobo etc in the next few days. Amazon only allow for a 90 day pre-release, so I'll place it there early September.
Now I suppose I'd better polish the book, which doesn't sound too difficult given the three month time frame, but it does add a bit of pressure. According to Smashwords it's not a huge problem if the book isn't ready. They automatically move the release date out until the manuscript is uploaded. If I was a buyer, however, I wouldn't be too impressed with repeated postponements, so I'll make sure it's ready and up to scratch.

As you can see I decided to go with J.K. and the West Pier book cover. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried the pre-release strategy and how it went for them. Any other marketing tips would be much appreciated as well. With three months to play with, I might as well throw everything at it.

Jack / J.K. 

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