Wednesday, 28 October 2015


PictureI'm supposed to be on holiday, but in a way its turning into a busman's holiday, which I suppose was inevitable coming to Brighton.
Well I'm in Hove Actually - my flat being on the Hove side of the border. And if you want to know why the 'Actually' is capitalised then buy my book (J.K.'s book actually) - North to South! It explains it. Mixed amongst a detective yarn, I explain quite a few things about Brighton & Hove, although not as much as originally intended. A whole chapter was dedicated to Brighton & Hove, with a bit of its history and some little snippets of interest as my main character, Polar North goes for a wander. My proof reader was having none of it, though, and said it was irrelevant to the plot with the pace being lost. After some heated discussion I had to agree and the chapter came out with some tweaks elsewhere to cover for what little was actually relevant.
Anyway, about the busman's holiday. I can't stop looking at the places where scenes were set and wondering if I made some mistake. It's fun though and has added to the holiday. Going to The Gingerman for the first time was great - one of Brighton's best restaurants where I set a big scene but oddly have never been to it. The food was as good as I describe, and it was a pleasure to confirm this despite the hefty bill. Other healthier aspects of my busman's holiday have included walking along the prom, which Polar still has to do in the book, from Kemptown, which is the gay area, to Western Lawns in Hove where the body of his boss's son was found. It goes past these fab little beach huts which are just down from my flat. And yes! The sun was shining on Brighton when I had my seafront walk. It's been very pleasant for most of the time during my late October stay. Doubt if the same will be reported when I return permanently in mid December.


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