Saturday, 17 October 2015


The nine modified versions of the existing 'Tales from The Wild Side' are now with All Romance.
And quite rightly so. It took me a while to put my books with them, assuming that my stuff would have little appeal, or more likely be rejected by a sight with 'Romance' in its name. But the members clearly like a bit of steamy action where romance doesn't feature all that much.
Of course I put myself down here, and know fine well that while my books are hot (even if I say so myself) and sometimes very hard hearted, like in the Nemesis series - there is also romance.
To be honest the 'Tales from The Wild Side' has quite a lot of romance, although it's hardly soppy. It's there though. And my favourite character, Paddy McGuire, has it on two fronts, even though he'd be loathed to admit it. There is the romance with his master, which gets a story of its own later in the series. But the first three books are arguably the story of his romance with Dylan - or at least that is the case now with the re-written versions. And it reaches its peak, or climax if you will, in 'Made for Auction'.
While for most of the book, Paddy is absent - the story being about Dylan as he trains to be a slave. The big Irishman is always there in a way, shaping Dylan's behaviour, even when he's having sex with someone else, which the dirty little sod does very frequently.
It's one of my favourite books - something that I'm quite proud of. Particularly the ending which is sort of romantic in a 'Wild Side' sort of way.


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