Saturday, 17 October 2015


Okay, so my new book is taking much longer than expected, which is no bad thing. But 'An Angel falls to The Wild Side' is progressing well and isn't too far off completion.
And look what I found as inspiration for part of the book. His name is Gannicus, a gladiator played by the actor Dustin Clare, and the star of the Spartacus prequel - Gods of The Arena. I stumbled across this back in January and was somewhat shocked, but in a good way. To be honest the programme was like something I might have written - violence and pornography rolled into one, with plenty of homo-eroticism thrown in. Hardly high art. But who cares when Gannicus has the starring role and flashes plenty of flesh. The guy is seriously hot, and while I don't use him per se in the book, I've managed to include a gladiator. Quite an achievement as they belong to an era two millennia ago.
It's fiction - so why not. And Gannicus is very hot.
Time to get back to him and get the book finished.


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