Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Well bugger me backwards and call me Jackie - it would appear that Brighton is changing. The city that is, with an enormous phallus erected on the seafront. Very tasteful!
Having a fortnight break for various reasons, I arrived in my spiritual home on Sunday morning after a horrible night flight. Having managed a couple of hours kip, I wandered down to the seafront to take in the ambience. And what did I see? This great big tower sticking up in the air. Massive it is - almost vulgar in it's height. Apparently it's going the be a circular lift with spectacular views at the top. Cutting design and all that sort of stuff, and very in keeping with the Regency seafront - not. I haven't spoken to anyone who approves as yet, but I quite like the artist impression on the website. Change is good, and I think this will be good - when it's finished that is. At the moment it's an eyesore - just like my bathroom which is being gutted out and revamped for my proper return to Brighton in December - another change that I think will be good.
I'm certainly enjoying the stay so far, despite the bathroom work in progress. It's Comedy Festival Fortnight at present, which means some good shows on offer. A culinary tour of the world is being tackled on my part, testing out some new places and returning to old favourites. We've even had lots of sunshine, although all that changed today with more typical October rain falling. Not all change is good.


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