Saturday, 17 October 2015


It's been far too long, but after a gap of ten months, I've actually finished the new Jack Brighton book - 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side'. I'm happy with it, but obviously it needs to go through proof reading, so it will be a few more days, perhaps even longer, before it's available.
Currently in proof reading is the rewrite of the book which proceeds this in the 'Tales from The Wild Side' series. That was the original 'The Wild Side' which has now been added to and hopefully improved upon. It will be retitled 'A Walk on The Wild Side'. The actually story line hasn't changed very much, but the writing needed a lot of polishing, and the characters needed a fair bit of tweaking.
'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side' is the follow on book, picking up the story of Ralph Daley and his would be slave, Barry, who is new to the life. The new story is set ten weeks later, and has all the main Wild Side characters involved: Angus MacLeod, and his four slaves, Paddy, Dylan, Sven and Marco. Mr Charles is there as well, getting up to his usual tricks, and we meet at last the two Dutch lads, who are the set designers for the fetish room.


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