Saturday, 17 October 2015


Is there a danger in putting 'Christmas' in a book title? Will it only sell in the run up and then do nothing for the rest of the year?
That doesn't seem to be the case in the one instance that I've done it. 'Christmas at The Wild Side' was originally released in November 2013, going for the obvious seasonal market. And while that was it's peak, as to be expected with a new release at any time of year, it has continued to sell to the same sort of level as the other 'Tales from The Wild Side' books.
So I hope this will be the case with the new version - which I'm pleased to say is now available everywhere, including Amazon who accepted all the remaining books yesterday without a glitch. And this version is different in quite a few ways. The books is in two parts. The first is set at home with Angus and his boys, and here the content is very similar, except for the opening chapter which has been changed to fit in with the overall series. Part two is where the main changes are: extending the book by around 10,000 words; drawing in other characters for continuity, such as Mitch, Harry and Lachlan; and adding new scenes to the interrogation of Lee Baxter. And the ending changes as well, in order to link in to book seven in the series - the original 'Wild Side' which has now been properly integrating.
But more of that later.


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