Saturday, 17 October 2015


So having completed 'An Angel Falls to The Wild Side' which was the missing link in the series , I'm now looking at the relaunch of the entire series. In some cases the book as been changed only slightly - in other cases it has been totally rewritten, and a new name given.
The series now starts with 'Welcome to The Wild Side', which seems appropriate for the first book, where the main characters are introduced. This is heavily based on 'The Spanking Room', but instead of Jarvis, of the original naughty schoolboy who has an induction course at the hands of Paddy McGuire, I have used Dylan Sinclair. It doesn't really make much of a difference to the story - that comes in the second book.
There are a few new things in this version, but the main thing is kicking off the relationship between Dylan and Paddy, which wasn't the case in the original.
The aim will be to make this book free, so anyone who has bought the original and wants to see the changes can do so without any financial hit.


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